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ThinVNC HTML5 Remote Desktop

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ThinVNC HTML5 Remote Desktop
ThinVNC is a pure-web Remote Desktop access solution. The remote computer can be accessed from any OS platform through any HTML5 compliant browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.). ThinVNC takes advantage of the latest web technologies like AJAX, JSON and HTML5 canvas to deliver a high-performance Remote Desktop access over the web, using HTTP and SSL protocols. Without the need for any plugin, add-on or any kind of installation on the client side, ThinVNC is the optimum way to ensure that you can connect to your remote computer from any place. Choose ThinVNC PRO to take advantage of a pure-web access with no download or installation of any kind on the client side: -High-performance, pure HTML5 Remote Desktop -Native HTTP and HTTPS using WebSockets and AJAX protocols -Presentation tool -File Transfer -Remote Printing -Clipboard Support -Video Driver support -Windows Vista / Windows 7 UAC support Looking for a free web remote desktop solution? Once the 30-day trial ends, continue to use the most ThinVNC's distinctive features: -High-performance, pure HTML5 Remote Desktop -Native HTTP and HTTPS using WebSockets and AJAX protocols -Clipboard Support -Video Driver support -Windows Vista / Windows 7 UAC support ThinVNC can be pared with ThinVNC Access Point, a tool that provides internet desktop access to company's LAN computers by publishing only one IP address. ThinVNC Access Point keeps the network protected while eases the remote desktop access to the entire company's workstations and servers. ThinVNC Access Point supports ThinVNC PRO and FREE versions. Visit our site: www . thinvnc . com About the company: We are a leading company in the design of solutions for accessing company information and system integration. Founded in 2002 by experts with more than 20 years of experience, and has prestigious clients in a wide range of business sectors.
ThinVNC HTML5 Remote Desktop
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Author: ThinRDP
License: Freeware
File Size: 2.6 MB
Downloads: 66

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